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Weddings in Santorini

Santorini is one of the most beautiful & Romantic islands in the world. The spectacular scenery of calm blue sea in contrast with the volcano, caldera and Thirasia Island make Santorini an ideal place to take your vows with your loved one, family and friends. You have a variety of choices to arrange your wedding in Santorini exactly the way you dream it. Choose a wedding ceremony, overlooking the sunset on a balcony of a magnificent villa or hotel, or welcoming your guest at a restaurant, a winery, at the beach or even a yacht. Leave your wedding plans with us and we will make sure that, will be an unforgettable experience.

Santo weddings by Mk organize and undertake weddings in Santorini in every way, from the initial contact until the time you leave the beautiful Island of Santorini, MK organize every detail, take care of every crease and put together every single aspect in order for you to truly have the picture you had hoped for.

We customize each wedding ceremony in Santorini to your needs. We organize each service that is desired in great detail, from the first moment that will vest on the date of the ceremony until after the wedding reception. To achieve this we are in constant contact with you to get the best result. Each couple is unique, has its own personality and character, so our goal is to match the color and style that fits you the best by organizing  tailor made weddings in Santorini. This is the uniqueness! For this reason we are not working with prefabricated kits. Together we will build what reflects your own character.

Our job is not to put your Santorini wedding together but to put it together in a way that will also leave you space to enjoy every moment of it, from the preparations to the i-do’s to the party of your life after.... If you are feeling stressed it’s normal so just go with the flow, tell us how you feel, what you want and let us take care of all the parts we already specialize.